Trip - Maui 2014

Nearing Spring, my fiance and I get tired of the Seattle gray weather. We decided to go to our favorite place in the world: Maui.

Here's an example why it's our favorite place:

It's paradise!

We spent the first few days in Paia, checking out shops and driving around.  We drove through lush forests and mountains on the Road to Hana, where we stopped for coconut candy, banana bread, and met some horses:

The next morning, we chilled out at the beach at the back of our inn:

After we got all the adventures out of the way, it was time to relax. We headed to the Four Seasons and hung out at the Serenity Pool, all day, every day.

Here is the pool scene:

Whenever I travel, I have to go to the spa! I got spa treatment package that consisted of coconut scrub, coconut bath, and then ended with a coconut husk massage. I had another massage that was pretty different: being massaged with rainbow clay and then rinsed off with rain shower.

We had our best food outside of the resort in Paia and Kihei area: mahi mahi fish and chips, BBQ pork pizza, lobster pizza. Overall, we found that the cheaper local restaurants had much more memorable food than the fancy places. 

More Maui pics:

I wish real life was like this. I found that I was a lot healthier, drinking a smoothie every morning instead of coffee and eating a lot of fresh vegetables because it tasted good. I also swam a lot. There was no bad weather to deal with and no overload of work and chores to do--life was simpler.

On the plane ride back, I started my revision which I had been excited about during the trip.

I hope you all enjoy Spring!



  1. Wonderful wonderful!!! (Saving up your book for when I get a bit of free time, which has been long in coming. I know I'm going to love it.)


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