New Book 2014

Today I am hinting at an upcoming book! I just got the line edits back for it and am preparing it for copy. After keeping the book a secret for three years, I am excited to finally reveal more information. Perhaps you could guess what it is?

Since the planned release is for fall of this year, I've been very busy drawing and editing. Below, check out the hints! 

--It's a YA Fantasy.

--It's a part of a series

--The protagonist is a female.

--There's a little magic.

--It's inspired by a popular legend.

--The main character in this book is often portrayed as a villain.

--It has something to do with my trip to England.

--Though it's quite different from CLAN, it has the same storytelling style with darkness and twists

--It's coming out Fall 2014!!!!

(The image is not the cover.)

I am really, really excited to share this book with you guys. 

Coming soon... the title reveal! 



  1. Nnnnnnnnnn, I am bursting with excitement over here!

    ~Dei, on really fiddly wireless connection right now

    1. Yay! Thank you, Dei! I hope you'll like the book.


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