News Week - 07/27/15

I'm very excited to be back in Morgan le Fay's Camelot. Finally the back cover copy for SWORD is here. It will be revealed tomorrow! If you haven't read the first book HENGE yet, I hope you'll check it out! For those who read HENGE, the copy won't contain major spoilers.

I am trying to decide on an illustration from the Le Fay Series for a limited edition t-shirt. Do you have any picks? It will be for a white t-shirt.

In other news: 

-The picture book is going through revision now. 

-I'm finding the first draft of a new novel very promising. 

-I am preparing SWORD for copyedit. 

-The cover art should be revealed within 3 weeks. 

Stay tuned for tomorrow. The official description for SWORD will be online!



  1. The drawing you show here is somewhat reminiscent of the throne for Game of Thrones.

    1. Thanks for visiting the blog, Mark! I drew Camelot with a sharp silhouette for a foreboding and unfriendly vibe so I suppose the sharpness can look like swords or spears from a distance.




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