News Week - 08/10/15

Cover reveal for SWORD is scheduled for 08/19 on Candace's blog! Contact her if you'd like to be a part of the reveal! I've got one more week left until I turn in SWORD to my copyeditor. I've also received my first round of revision notes for my picture book from my dev editor!

Have I done anything besides work this summer? Why yes!

I watched the Blue Angels:

My husband and I have been going on picnic dates when the symphony is playing in one of our local parks:

I went to my second Hal Sparks show. He is hilarious and I love his standup. Go see him live! I also got a photo with him.

Seattle Asian Art Museum has a calligraphy exhibit. I love calligraphy! I'll be doing some calligraphy art for one of my projects soon and this definitely inspired me.

Celebrated the rare blue moon with Blue Moon beer and Blue Moon burger. Most excellent Friday thing to do. 

Our local theater did a limited run of When Marnie Was There. I recommend the movie. It had good honest storytelling and featured a great bond between two characters. I love seeing movies that aren't overly commercialized.

I hope you are enjoying summer as well! Stay tuned for next week!



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