Honeymoon - Part Two: Santorini

Part two of honeymoon photos! This features our main honeymoon stop: Santorini, the moon-shaped island! When I saw the photos online of the white buildings, romantic sunset, photogenic setting, and azure ocean... I knew this was the perfect destination for us! And it was. The people of Anastasis, where we stayed, couldn't have been kinder. They set up special treats for us every night (sunset drinks, private candle lit spa just for us... and all for free). The people of Greece were against a financial crisis during our stay, yet the people were the most generous here than anywhere else I've been to in the world. Seriously sweet people with big hearts! I think you'll be able to glimpse their genuine kindness in every photo of the treats they prepared and the setting they created for us.

We experienced many wonderful adventures. My favorite was when we rented an ATV and drove around the island super fast, getting lost and dusty, yet having a lot of fun. I also enjoyed watching the sky turn dark every night while sitting in the jacuzzi. The sky had a special treat for us: Venus and Jupiter were aligning during our honeymoon week!

Dear people of Santorini, thank you for making our honeymoon wonderful!



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