Le Fay Series - Research Travel: Tintagel Castle

Tintagel castle is rumored to have been the birthplace of King Arthur. However, the castle's date doesn't quite match up to the legend's time period. Recent findings however reveal that there is indeed a matching time period building hidden there! How exciting if King Arthur really existed! The castle even has Merlin's Cave next to it. 

Tintagel is a super important location in the Le Fay Series. It's Morgan le Fay's home. I have taken so many pictures of Tintagel that I've broken it up into several posts: the sea, Merlin's Cave, and town.

This post will be focusing on the castle. Tintagel castle serves as an important inspiration for me as I build my own ancient ruins and castles in the Le Fay Series. (Hint: you'll see some coming up in the series.) As you can see, it's gorgeous! The mood is broody and dark with the epic sea crashing below the dark cliffs. It's certainly worthy of being a Game of Thrones setting. I love the stacked slates and how it's eroded and overgrown with time.

The beautiful sea below the castle:

A long hike to get to the castle:

Look at this wall! I love that little plant spilling out from the slates:

 View from between the slates. It must have taken forever to stack these:

Yay! This is so neat:

It's amazing that they made this archway with slates:

 What a gorgeous wall. I love the tufts of dry grass growing on the tops:

I hope you enjoyed the photos from Tintagel Castle!



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