News Week - 10/17/16

It's been a crazy season. Apologies for the lack of updates in September as several things were in flux during that time. I will be back to posting regularly. I wish to keep you all in the loop of everything in progress, so here goes: 

-Brand new novel: my husband was the first to read it! He said it's the best book I've written yet so I'm really excited about this. I plan to send it to my agent next month. 

-CLAN audiobook: completed! I'm thinking it should release in January. However if I hear feedback of wanting the audiobook in time for the holidays, I will definitely work toward it. I'm choosing a sample audio now. Let me know if there's a scene that you think would be a good sample--I'm thinking a dialogue scene between Buster and Twain.  

-HENGE audiobook: almost done. It will release after CLAN.

-GRAIL: the ebook is still on schedule for November. The cover art is taking longer than expected. If you'd like to read the ARC, please message me. Paperback is running behind and probably won't be out until next year--I hope to get it done for Christmas but cannot be certain at this time. I am releasing hints tomorrow and a sneak peek of the text on Thursday so come back and check it out!

Work: I am now working as an Art Director at Hinterland. I'm thrilled to be working with an awesome team and I couldn't be happier with my job!

Check out our game, The Long Dark:

Doesn't the game look amazing? Hope you guys get a chance to play it!




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