News Week - 5/9/17

Some news of what I've been up to! It's a lot, but I hope it gives you an idea of what's in store.


-HENGE audiobook ETA May - Just about ready to approve the audio.

-GRAIL paperback ETA May or June - I've got a couple more illustrations left to do. I appreciate everyone's patience! 

-LE FAY Book 4 should be announced pretty soon - In the hands of my dev editor now.

-LE FAY TV Pilot script is in the works - Plan is to submit it over May-June.

-LE FAY graphic novel adaptation is in the works - Got a wonderful artist attached to create it!   

It's great that the LE FAY universe is expanding rapidly!


-I was selected by NWFF to direct a short film for the summer. It'll be a fun learning experience to do something live action. As some of you may know, my dream is to become a director for the stories I write. 

-Novel 6 is on its way to finding its people -- the team! Once the dev edit is done or a publisher is attached, I can announce more details. I hope this book comes out in the next year or so.  

-What I'm writing now: Screenplay adaptations are taking center stage. Novel 7 is on track for my polish plan. Novel 8 is in pre-production during my spare time. 

-What I'm drawing now: Finishing GRAIL art! As soon as that's done, I go to Book 4 art, and then I'll get to start my picture book. 

-Blog plans: Along with LE FAY promo posts of sharing art and photos, I hope to also do more informative posts about my creative process and such so that I can contribute to our creative community.  

It's been busy as I gain traction with everything I'm creating. As always, feel free to reach out and let me know about projects you want to see from me and also topics you'd like to see covered in my posts. 




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