News Week - 1/31/18

Hello everyone! Happy Super Blue Moon! (It's also a lunar eclipse in some areas of the world.) I hope you're all having a great year so far and that your first month of 2018 was a success.

This is the photo I took of the full moon on New Year's Day:

Mine has been busy with many changes underway. SPEAR (Le Fay series 4) paperback will be out by 2/6/18! It will be up on Amazon any moment now since I have approved the proof. SWORD audiobook will also be out by then. GRAIL audiobook is currently in production.

January is off to a busy start. I have four books in various stages of production. This month I hired four new editors into my book team. 

I am working on a brand new website, which I hope to have up within the month. My office has been upgraded with a new super computer plus iPad Pro for my artwork. 

A couple good movies I saw recently -- Shape of Water and Call Me By Your Name:

Shape of Water -- I love weird, vintage sci-fi horror-romance type stories. I wish it was more artistic without the hollywood villain type storyline.

Call Me By Your Name -- The cinematography was gorgeous. The setting felt so alive and real and textured. Writing and acting was top notch too. It made me want to live in Italy and enjoy some lazy summer days.

I've been keeping with my new year goals so far. This month I bought a mala necklace for my 108 meditation challenge and got a kind note from the store owner:

The necklace will definitely power me on! I'm excited for all the new things brewing this year and hope you'll stayed tuned for more updates. 



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