Videogames - GDC 2018

Last month was busy with work and travel! I also have two dev edits back from editors, with two more projects being reviewed this month. I'm also brewing up a new story production and delivery plan.

A couple of weeks ago, I went to GDC (Game Dev Conference) in San Fran with my fantastic TLD coworkers! 

Some highlights:

  • The use of AI in Final Fantasy XV seemed very futuristic and fascinating for the future of narratives in virtual worlds. I began to think about the potential of AI. I like the idea of creating a "DNA" for a character and letting them write their own story and dialogue.

  • Inclusivity and diversity in Dream Daddy.

  • The narrative and environment for Monument Valley. Love seeing art and narrative go hand-in-hand.

This year it seemed creators were reaching deeper to connect with their audience. It was a privilege to go to GDC and be a part of the ever-evolving world of art and story.



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