News Week - 10/01/18

Long time no post! Ah, such a short summer. Are you ready for autumn?

Recently I went to the fair with my husband before summer's end. It's very different to go there as an adult. The food that I remember loving is now scarier than the rides, especially if you watch the people make it. Joe won me a stuffed unicorn at least. There has to be some cool old timey fair (that I imagine) somewhere in the world, right?

I've been taking a social media break lately, so I'm not on my accounts very often. I'm spending time editing my new book when I have free moments. It's kind of hard to believe how far it has come in only a year, since then it's gone through three dev edits, and another edit is fast approaching. 

I posted a tiny hint on Twitter:

I love summer and it's bittersweet to have it go, but at least the smoke is gone:




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