Happy Agent Appreciation Day!

Today is Agent Appreciation Day, brought to us by my agent sister, Kody Keplinger

Here are top five reason why I appreciate my hardworking agent Joanna Stampfel-Volpe to pieces:

1. Honesty. I can always count on Jo to tell me her thoughts on my writing and art.

2. Friendship. She is truly kind and supportive.

3. Awesome. She is fun to work with and makes me laugh pretty often. I enjoy bouncing ideas off of her.

4. Smart. Her feedback is always spot on. She helps me grow as a writer and storyteller.

5. Consistent. She is always there for me.

I'm so grateful to have Joanna as my agent and that she believes in me. Cheers to all agents everywhere! :)



  1. Realm! Thank YOU so much!

    I'm going to officially go crawl under my covers now to hide my red face!


  2. Is that the cutest photo of Jo or what?? You guys are quite a team!

    YAY for agents!!!


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