Happy 2010!

Happy New Year, everyone!

New Years is my favorite holiday of all time. I like the feeling of shiny newness. How did you ring in the new decade? I went to the Labyrinth masquerade ball! David Bowie...fairies...and "dance, magic, dance!"

I've got a lot of plans for 2010...expect my site and blog to get some revamping later on! I've been very busy over the holidays, but there are posts coming up as I catch up on my blog work.

Here's me ready to masquerade:




  1. Woah, looks intense! Can't wait to see those changes. :)

  2. Cool pics. Happy New Year, Realm! Hope this one brings beautiful and exciting things for you.

  3. Ah! You look HOT, Realm!!
    And Labyrinth is possibly one of my all time favorite movies from childhood--that and The Princess Bride. I actually have the L soundtrack too! Totally jealous you got to go to the ball.

    Happy 2010~!!

  4. Jenn -- Thanks! There's much work to do ahead!

    Holly -- Happy New Year, Holly! I'm wishing you a fantastic debut this year!

    Jo -- Haha, thanks!

    I watched Labyrinth again the night before...it's so good! I was pretty impressed with all the costumes at the ball. There's nothing like "Magic Dance" playing after the countdown.

    Happy 2010!!! *\o/*


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