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It's been several months since the disaster in Japan and I still struggle to put into words how much the disaster sits uncomfortably in my heart.

When I was first told of the earthquake, I wasn't worried because Japan always had quakes--we were used to it. Then the tsunami news came in with the horrible stories of the waves taking out lives. The phone was dead when I tried to call my family and I didn't hear from my dad for days. My family in Japan was luckily safe. Seeing old temples broken and all the hard-working, humble families struggling was tough.

Since Japan is a part of my life, though I was donating, unless I was personally there picking up the rubbles, I felt like I wasn't of much help. The art on this post is some things I painted after the crisis.

The bright side was that Japan remained strong, and said they will remain strong. Everyone around the world donated and helped out. It was good to see all the heroic stories that happened in Japan. There was no looting or insane behaviors--just people helping each other out. Seeing how Japan handled the crisis was a humbling experience.

Japan is making great progress with many things like science and art and entertainment. (Neil deGrasse Tyson show a map of the world in terms of scientific progress--Japan was nearly taking up the whole globe.) The comics and games from Japan were also a huge influence on me, shaping my career. And the culture, all the patterns of my past...cicada songs, temple bells, the tatami under my feet. I hope they keep going, continuing to inspire all of us. The crisis is still affecting Japan, so I hope the world keeps helping out.

Some links:

And if you haven't seen this heroic story...check it out!

Peace to Japan,



  1. I thought that was really interesting that Japan had no looting. We could learn something from that. Glad to hear your family is safe. Beautiful picture : )


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