Happy Halloween!

Hope you're having a great Halloween! I hosted a Halloween party this year. I'll show you some treats I made.

Of course, Joey and I carved pumpkins first... I used the insides to make pumpkin pie. (The tricky part is squeezing the liquid out of the pumpkin so that the pie won't be mushy.) And roasted the seeds with garlic salt, olive oil, pepper, chili pepper, and a touch of curry powder.

Festive cupcakes! (Ok, the cupcakes are from the store.) We also had a small cauldron with Dragons Blood resin burning. Very witchy.

Vampire soup (aka borsht) with rye bread bats! And Witch's Fingers! (Used almond for nails.)

While I'm in Martha-Stewart-mode, here's a little fall-themed bouquet and assorted squashes to decorate the table. (The squashes can be used for cooking, too.)

Happy Halloween!



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