CLAN - Paperback Proof

The paperback proof arrived a while ago. It's surreal to see the book... all the years of writing and drawing for CLAN bound up into glued paper. I'm very pleased with the paperback and I hope you will be too!




  1. Wow. It's really, really for real! We all knew it was, but seeing it in the physical world must add an extra sense of "here is this thing that exists, and I made it happen!" for you. :D

    I passed the word along to some other author and reviewer friends about taking part in the tour. Hope it will help!


    1. Yes, it was very surreal to see the physical book! I'm so used to seeing my book on a word doc.

      Thank you so much for the help, Dei! I appreciate it.


  2. That looks awesome. :-D *Note to self. Get the paperback version.*


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