HENGE - Cover Art

Hello everyone! Thank you for taking a part in the HENGE cover reveal! It was a lot of fun and I'm so thrilled that you guys liked the cover and premise. In case you haven't entered yet, the raffle for a $30 gift card is still going

The day the cover was revealed, groundbreaking Stonehenge discovery was made! I thought that was pretty neat. And the moon was crazy bright that night. Plus, MAVEN (same name as the King's right hand in the Le Fay Series) is arriving at Mars!

Stay tuned for more preview materials!



  1. Gods, that cover is gorgeous. If you ever decide to sell prints of your cover arts, I would definitely nominate this one!


    1. Thank you, Dei! I'll likely have a giveaway for the cover art print when the book releases! Hopefully I'll be able to sell prints as well.



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