Le Fay Series - Book 2 Hint

I've been asked a lot of questions about Book 2 in the Le Fay Series. Most frequent question being... when it's coming out!

Here's the release schedule:

Yes, it's coming out this year! I hope you'll finish reading HENGE prior to the sequel release!

Book 2 hints...


-More dangerous...

-Higher stakes 

-You will continue to see more of Merlin

-More Lancelot

-Prince Arthur!

-It will feature another Arthurian relic...

-There will be a lot of "Yikes" 

-I recommend to Keep Calm and Keep Reading 

Want an ARC of book 2 before the release? Please be sure to check out my review policy and if you're interested, you can contact me for a copy. If you haven't read Henge yet, you can request a review copy as well to prepare for the next book.

So, what's the title? The title will be revealed on Thursday! Stay tuned and I hope you'll look forward to the sequel to Henge!



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