Video Games - E3 2015

Want to see what I do for my day job? Check out the Halo 5 preview that was shown at E3! I had a great time working on the opening and ending cinematics for this:

AND you must check this out! Conan o'Brien plays one of the multiplayer maps I worked on. It's hilarious:

There were so many great games shown during E3. I'm just so amazed at how far CG has come and am so excited for our future full of beautiful CG. I've got my eyes on Cuphead (I love the 30s art) and this FF7 remake. The Last Guardian looks gorgeous. How exciting to be in this time! Our tools for telling a story visually are becoming so much more powerful. I hope to use these tools to tell my own original story one day. What games are you looking forward to? 



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