Le Fay Series - Research Travel: Dozmary Pool

Today I am launching the research travel series back up! You may remember my adventures in the UK. I posted various photos of Morgan le Fay's hometown Tintagel and also Stonehenge. 

Today I am sharing another special location with you! This one is important for SWORD.

This place is one of the strongest candidate for being one of the most famous lakes in legends... the lake where Excalibur was thrown into and where Lady of the Lake resides. Some have pointed out that Dozmary Pool is the most likely candidate for being this lake. Yes, I had to see this lake!

The road there was the kind of road you felt you weren't supposed to be driving on and seemed to lead to nowhere. It was a lonely road that could go on for eternity. My husband and I felt something bad would happen, kind of like the feeling you get when you walk into an alleyway? 

We came upon the dreary and depressing shore of isolated Dozmary Pool. A lone cow silently stared at us from a distance. The lake was very still. You could almost imagine a hand with the fabled sword jutting out of the surface. The lake could surely inspire mystical and scary tales. There's certainly something very lonesome about the place. Not a bird in the sky or a fish in the water.

In SWORD, Morgan le Fay experiences the lake in Avalon, where she feels dread. I also used the lake as an inspiration for her fight scene where she also feels dread, hopelessness, and sadness. Interesting enough, I learned that watery scenes can symbolize a shift or change in one's life or mind. (As an author, artist, and game designer, I often have to study symbols!) I also used the lake as reference for the opening spread illustration in the paperback. 

I hope you enjoyed the photos! There's more to come.



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