News Week - 03/15/16

If you're in Seattle, be sure to check out the Indie Game Revolution exhibit! I'm so happy to see indie games celebrated.

I'm very interested in creating an indie game again. I've got a new design that I'm stoked about. First, I must gather a small team to make this a reality.

In other game-related news, my cousin-in-law was in town for a visit so I took him to the Oculus office to check out VR! I love seeing someone experience virtual reality for the first time. It truly is mind boggling, like being inside a dream. 

Visual multimedia experiences aren't limited to games. There are also neat installations, such as the ones I saw at the Paradox of Place exhibit which explores Korean artists exploring paradoxes in art and society. In this shot I am in front of a mirror that crackles:

My favorite was Noh Suntag's photography of a strange and mysterious ball placed in the middle of a field. It's apparently a radome placed by the US military without announcement.

Hope you enjoyed the post! More Le Fay goods coming later this week and next.



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