News Week - 06/06/16

Great news! Both CLAN and HENGE are up for audiobook production.

I'm currently going through auditions and am hoping to find the perfect narrator for each book. I'm overwhelmed with the amount of talented actors and it's going to be difficult to choose one.

Questions for readers:

  --What would your ideal narrator for CLAN sound like?

  --What would your ideal narrator for HENGE sound like?

Here are my audition calls:


Audition Notes: The narration of the book should be neutral and articulate, while the dialogue brings the characters to life in an otherwise bleak setting. Particularly, The three main characters should have distinct tones so listeners can easily tell them apart. In the story, the three boys are clones of one person, but they have different personalities. 

Characters described below:

Twain: a shy and passive young adult male. He should sound gentle and reasonable, his tone softer than the others. He should also sound serious with a flatter tone. 

Chad: an aggressive young adult male. His tone should be louder and unfriendly compared to the others.

Buster: A young adult male who is sarcastic and lively. His tone should be more vivid and lighthearted than the others. 


Audition Notes: The book HENGE is narrated by the protagonist named Morgan: She is a teen British female with an authoritative, strong, bold, fierce, medium pitched voice--not too high or soft. She should be able to execute strong emotional scenes.

Notes for secondary main character, Merlin: he is a young adult with a British accent. He has a calming, gentle, polite, and reasonable tone

What do you guys think? Exciting times!



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