LE FAY - Spring Sale 2018

The annual spring sale is here! That means all my books are discounted for a limited time on Amazon (US and UK). This sale is for 5/24-5/30. 

Since the release of HENGE, each year, I've been featuring an Arthurian lady for the promo art. This year I'm featuring Guinevere, who rightfully takes a good amount of spotlight in SPEARGwen is elegant in a simple, classy way and I love drawing her. For her, I chose lily-of-the-valley, which is a classic flower, just like her. 

Check out the sale here! (If you haven't read the LE FAY series yet, you might find a nice surprise in there, which will be there until Monday.) Hope you snag a book or two to read for the weekend and the summer!

Btw, did you see the royal wedding? Perhaps it was like the one in SPEAR. (Who gets married? You'll have to read SPEAR to find out!)

Enjoy the sale! One month until Summer, yay!




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