News Week - 5/1/18

Hope spring is treating everyone well! I'm so glad it's May. I went to see Stravinsky's Persephone last week, and it featured some neat sets and flying, spooky puppets. It was artistic and had a strong springtime theme to it.

Book Happenings:

--This week my latest novel is going to an editor for more feedback. The initial dev edit went very well and it looks to be in strong shape. So far it looks like this one will be out next year. I will post some more information soon.

I've been working on the revision for it, and revising in the early stages is certainly a lot of fun. I love discovering new, deeper layers to my characters that changes the story in a good way. During revision is when I start to develop memories of the characters past, and understanding events they've gone through. 

--My picture book will also go through another line edit this month. (Last line edit! Yay.) 

--Tomorrow I will post an art piece from SPEAR

Have a great week! 



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