Art Saves

Thank you, Readergirlz and Little Willow, for having me contribute to Art Saves! You can see my Art Saves post at both Readergirlz and Little Willow's blog.


This Art Saves piece was inspired by the news story about Colby Curtin, whose dying wish was to see the movie UP by Pixar before she passed away. It's an example of how much artistic creations can mean to us. During hard times, sometimes we just hold onto the simple and happy things in life.

Shortly after I started this painting, I received news that my grandmother has cancer and may only have a few months left to live. It would mean a lot to me if I could dedicate this painting towards collecting what she loves most.

I am offering to send a signed print of this piece. Instead of paying me for the print plus shipping, all you have to do to get a print is to buy 
a ten stem bouquet or a Pinky Tree on-line and have it sent to my grandmother. (She misses gardening very much.) One can never have too many flowers! 

If you are interested or have questions, just give me an email at 
rtlovejoy (at) yahoo (dot) com 

I'll accept requests up until August 10th of this year. Thank you!



  1. Thank you, Realm, for your kindness and creativity. Best wishes to your gran.


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