5 Reasons Why Holly Cupala Rocks

1. Holly Cupala is a fellow Seattlite and Readergirlz diva. Her YA novel TELL ME A SECRET is coming out very soon in 2010 (HarperCollins)! (I hope I'll get to interview Holly near the release date...hint, hint.)

2. Holly has an awesome blog called Brimstone Soup where she hosts author recipes and the infamous Summer Revision Smackdown--a revision get together for writers during the summer! 

3. Holly was one of the first authors I met this year in real life (and first to add me to twitter, blogger, and such) -- she befriended me straight away, including me in various authorly things. She's always been so welcoming and kind. She's highly supportive of other authors as well, bringing baked goods she made to her friends' readings.

4. She's a wicked artist! The painting featured here was done by her for my family. (Titled: Lynn's Roses.) Last summer, I made an art-flower exchange program for Art Saves, where I would send people a poster of my art in exchange for flowers for my dying grandma. Holly decided to do the exchange by painting my grandma's favorite flowers--and what a GORGEOUS painting!! She also added pages of Pride and Prejudice (my grandma's favorite book) in the background. I can't believe she went through all this trouble to make this and I'm so blown away by her kindness. Thank you, Holly! It's so beautiful.

5. I just want to say...HOLLY CUPALA IS AWESOME! And I'm so glad she is my fellow writer friend.



  1. Wow, this book sounds amazing! Can't wait to check out Holly's blog and etc. Thanks for the links, Realm.

  2. Hi Realm :)
    Thank you for the great post. Holly's picture is so beautiful! It's great when you meet a genuine generous person. I'm glad Holly is one.
    Thank you for sharing,
    All the best,

  3. That painting is seriously freaking amazing. I WANT IT! Very awesome. :)

  4. Such a cool painting. Lines from Pride and Prejudice in the background? Want.

  5. Realm, it's so sweet of you to post this! I'm so glad you liked the painting and hope it brings your family some comfort and good memories. xoxo


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