Guest-blogged over at Roz's!

Good morning, everyone! Just wanted to let you know I guest-blogged about narration in different mediums and what that teaches for writing. I come from a very visual background with art and video games, so Roz Morris had an idea for a blog post! 

Roz's blog provides many advice for writing and I highly recommend it. She is the author of NAIL YOUR NOVEL and did a guest-blog here before too!

Speaking of different mediums...Recently, I learned of another author that comes from a neat background: Suzanne Collins. She comes from acting and writing for television (and says she is "new" with books)...and you can definitely see her background in HUNGER GAMES with the pacing, strong visuals, and the movie-like way scenes are presented. I definitely believe different mediums can offer a lot.

See the article here. (Plus, there is a never-uploaded painting for CLAN on there!)

Happy Friday!



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