Back from Kauai!

I am back from Kauai! Hope you guys all had a great week. Big thanks to Mark for guest blogging while I was away. I'll admit, Seattle seems so dark upon my return compared to Kauai...I miss the sun! It's really gray and rainy here. Joey and I stayed at the Grand Hyatt by Shipwreck Beach. I wasn't so sure about the beach at first because I heard the waves were rough...but I loved Shipwreck Beach with the waves and the crazy, doomful cliff. If I were to write everyday on the cliff, I'd probably write something dramatic. We got to hike along the cliff to the other side, where another beach is.

We hung out plenty by the resort pool. Eventually, we ventured to the west to go see the Weimeia Canyons. We tried to look for Barking Sand Beach, but it was closed off. (Too bad...I heard the sand makes a barking sound when you walk on it.)

The only thing disappointing was going to a luau, which was very cheesy and touristy -- kind of my idea of tropical hell. I was hoping to eat in darkness while people threw around flaming sticks and drums thundered...NOPE. It was more like full bright with cafeteria food and too much aloha going on.

Joey had his Pentax camera, so he took some awesome shots. We often pulled up by the road to take a pic, like this one below:

This picture was taken at Kipu Falls...a hidden waterfall and pool in the woods:

I took some black and white shots below, and these are my faves...Even with sunny colors, I am a fan of black and white often times:

We found an incredible little beach called Glass Beach. The grains of sand are made out of glass that's been polished over time. Apparently, some factory used to dump glass bottles into the ocean nearby. I got to collect some sea glass here, found a ruby-looking gem stone, and some metal pebbles. Example of "sand" is below:

Some more random shots that turned out well:

Up north, there are some of the most bluest oceans ever. It's a bit windy and cloudy at times, but the beautiful Tunnels Beach was worth seeing:

Now, for the more moody beach...Shipwreck Beach:

One of my favorite thing to do there was to get some L&L BBQ to go and eat at the beach. I know, it's really cheap...but I love it. So satisfying. Look how happy I am with BBQ:

It was truly a magical trip...Looking at the pics, it all seems like it was just a dream. Well, time to get back to work! Even though I was on vacation, I kept thinking about story ideas, things to paint, and my writing.



  1. The black and white shots are stunning, especially the first and last ones.

    Glad you had such a great time.


  2. How beautiful! It looks like you had fun!


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