Le Fay Series - Happy Halloween 2017!

Happy Halloween! Halloween snuck up on me this year. We celebrated the Halloween weekend by going to see The Barber of Seville at the Seattle Opera. It's a fun, lively opera and the singer for Figaro, Will Liverman, was truly talented!

I also carved a pumpkin, made pumpkin pie, and dinner of brined bone-in pork chops with a side of apple cider jam, and pumpkin macaroni. It was a success!

I made you a Halloween card using an illustration from GRAIL, which contains plenty of spooky scenes:

I have doodled the Le Fay characters in Halloween costumes each year and this will probably be the last ones for Halloween since the series will be wrapped up by next October. So this time, you'll get two doodles!

Lancelot dressed as a knight:

Guinevere dressed as a medieval queen:

More news on the 4th book coming your way Thursday!



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