News Week - 10/24/17

It's been a busy autumn of traveling so far. After getting back from Japan, I went to Whistler, and then the next week, I was off to the east coast for my cousin's wedding. My husband and I stopped by New York to see the opera Turandot at the MET. I've been wanting to see it forever and it was truly the most spectacular set I've ever seen. I loved every minute of it. 

Photo of outside the MET. This fountain always reminds me of the movie, Moonstruck:

One of my new novels is set in NY for part of it, so it was also great to take setting notes: 

The following day, we flew into Boston:

From Boston, we drove to New Hampshire, near White Mountain, for the wedding. It was a gorgeous fall wedding by the lakeside forest! I'm so happy for my cousin! 

Me and my brother at our cousin's wedding:

Next month, I also have a couple more travels coming up. Phew!

What's going on with books? 

  --The fourth Le Fay book is due this winter. It's currently going through a line edit and will soon go to copy edit. I will be announcing the title next week. Can you guess what it'll be? Henge, Sword, Grail, and... (?) Hint: It's another five-letter word title. If you guess right, I'll send you a present. (Offer ends after someones guesses right and/or title is announced obviously.)

  --The audiobook version of SWORD will be out soon.

  --I am putting a new novel on submission this winter! 

Stay tuned for a lot of updates this autumn and winter!



  1. Beautiful pictures Realm! So nice to see you and Joey.

    1. Thank you so much! It was great to see you and to have the family together!

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