News Week - 12/3/18

Happy Winter! Phew, it's been a really busy end of year for me. Good news, the audiobook of GRAIL is finally almost here! It'll be out this month, in time for the holidays! Yay! I estimate within two weeks.

I have another reveal ETA January as well. 

As for the new novel, it has finished the third dev edit and moving onto the line edit this month. I can't believe it's going to be ready for 2019. In other news I also started up a graphic novel.

This winter I got to attend my first Grand Prix ice skating event. Very cool seeing the talented Nathan Chen skate! Prior we went to the Taste of Iceland (cocktail with squid ink!) and then the Borealis Festival, featuring technology and art as images were accurately projected onto the entire face of the building, making it appear to disintegrate in font of our eyes. Soon we won't be able to tell CG from reality!

A shot while at the festival:

Skate America:

Lots of travel... but the view is nice:

I hope you all have a great holiday month. I will be traveling again so hope you'll follow my adventure on Instagram

When I get back... more updates!



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