Trip - Bora Bora 2018

This year we went to the island of our dreams for our trip: Bora Bora. We always wanted to go so we decided to do the super long travel across the globe to get there. There was nothing on the agenda except for relaxing for five days to rejuvenate. It has been a very busy year!

The water was bright turquoise, more impressive than pictures. It was hard to capture Bora Bora with photographs and I don't think any of the photos I took did the place justice. The smell of gardenia, warm aquamarine-colored waters, and the balmy air were all very healing. Mount Otemanu looked like King Kong's island--very epic. It was very hot and the sun was much stronger than any place I've been to. Even with sunscreen it seemed nearly impossible not to get some burns. 

My favorite parts were swimming, snorkeling in the lagoon, and relaxing by the waters with fresh coconut water. I'm going to have to try buying coconuts in the summer and learn how to open them up.

To remember my trip, I got a small bottle of tiare oil. Whenever we walked past the gardens, I could smell the jasmine-like scent. 

Some photos are below. There are also some videos on my Instagram account.

The paradise worked wonders for rest... I'm ready for the new year!



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