Inspiration - "Rooftops"

So, I apologize this post isn't book-related. I wanted to share these neat photos!

I have an infatuation with rooftops. I have so many memories of being perched on the multi-tiered rooftops in Japan...or climbing up mysterious constructions. I associate rooftops with super heroes that leap into the night. If I had to draw a depiction of success, it would be a figure on top of a building (or a mountain).

I got to climb one tonight, and my friend took photos with the phone I threw down! (She did not want to climb it.) I thought the pics came out surprisingly well!

I love Summer. Enjoy it.



  1. They did come out really pretty! I love rooftops too they're just so ..interesting haha

  2. Thanks, robin_titan! Summer twilights are the best! I know, there's just something about rooftops...


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