RIP Michael Jackson

As my friends know, I am a giant music-lover. I have headphones practically glued to my head. When I walk into a club or a concert, I'll be dancing immediately. I usually harass the DJ to play either "Billie Jean" or "Smooth Criminal" and once he finally plays it, I instantly become ecstatic and hop all over the place and sing along.

I don't need to explain that Michael's death is tragic. We all know "Thriller" and how awesome it is. I don't have a speech about Michael.

What I will say is that I'm astounded. Here is a man that commited his whole life to music since he was a kid. He was abused...but he smiled, he danced, and sang his heart out. He changed music. Made something new out of thin air. He worked hard, not just for music, but helping others. Yet, the last few years of his life was spent hiding from the people he danced and sang for. I can't help but cringe when I hear jokes and mean comments about his death. But for the most part, it seems people are being respectful and that is good to see.

It didn't really hit me that he died until I saw the "1958-2009" banner on a website. I spent tonight looking at the concert videos. While I'm sad, I can't help but crack a smile when I see him dance or when I hear "Smooth Criminal." With his music, he is anything but dead.

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Cheers, Michael!



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