Joe Meno

Tonight, I got to attend Joe Meno's reading at the great Elliot Bay Books.

Here's a story. Two years ago, I had a reading slump. I would walk into a bookstore hoping to find a book I'd want to read. I flipped through many books. Sentences bored me. Words were strung up like brick walls--same old, same old. I could not - NOT - find something to read! That's when I was drawn to the simple cover of "Tender as Hellfire" (shown on the very left of the picture)...The cover wasn't a screaming, advertising sort of cover--it was subtle and somehow inviting. I dunno, I picked it up...flipped through it, read some heart was snared! Gorgeous, unique, robust writing and lively dialogue. The imagery that Joe Meno created still haunts me. His work is what got me reading again, rekindling my inspiration in written words. Joe has a stylized vision for each book and isn't afraid to try different things.

In person, he was just as funny and honest as how you'd think he'd be. He read the first chapter of "The Great Perhaps" in a clear, captivating way. He was also extremely humble, genuine, and kind. He shook my hand and told me he'd visit my web page! I had a grin plastered on my face since then--I was ecstatic! Seriously, he is the nicest author ever.

Thanks, Joe, for visiting Seattle!



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