Happy 2011

Happy 2011, everyone! Hope everyone had a great new year. I went to an aurora borealis themed party with retro future disco and igloos made out of mirrors. The photo here is from the first sunset of 01/01/11! It was a beautiful evening in Seattle.

But...even better, while I was at Beethoven's Ninth Symphony at year's end, I had this wash of inspiration (who doesn't get inspired to thundering drums?) and had this thought about how I want to change my writing habits. I already have a routine, but setting a routine time for writing is only the first and most important step -- that's just the cauldron, and there are other things that must be in that space: curiosity, passion, inspiration, dare, and exploration. These things must also be present to keep that cauldron bubbling. So what are things that can encourage that?

--It’s easy to forget and even easier not to have time for it...but reading is really important. One of my new year resolution is to read more, both fiction and non-fiction. I’d love to encourage myself to be inspired and learning, always.

--Encouraging the right state of mind. Taking a walk, zoning out to classical music, or any other meditative activities...it could lead to surprising insights into fiction that that the “thinking” mind can’t quite seem to untangle. I often get good ideas while grocery shopping or at a concert. I guess sometimes these things work better than wringing your head out in front of the computer and being conscious of how cold the coffee is getting in the mean time.

--Seeking little treasures. I think learning to seek something hidden or different is healthy for the creative mind. I'd love to take the time to look at art I've never seen and hear music I haven't heard.

--And of course...routine. Does that ever go off the resolution list? It’s one of those things that can be perfected for eternity, isn’t it? Well, I’d like to write more consistent hours every night.

Other than that...

--I would like to revamp my site to time with my next submission.

--Blog more...now that my schedule is settling down.

Readers, artists, and writers, what are some of your ideas to encourage the creative mind?



  1. LOVED this post, Realm. Meditative stupors is how I get every idea and fix every plot hole. It's so crazy how that waaay inner voice, that ponders and dissects our ideas so clearly, is so hard to listen to. Classical music will definitely do it for ya.


  2. Thanks for stopping in, Amy! Yes, that inner voice seems to know it all and isn't around often enough! I'm glad you understood what I was talking about.

    Come with me to a party! :D :D :D


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