NYC Trip - 2010

Before Christmas, Joey and I went to NYC to see La Boheme at the MET. Plus, I got to meet my agent Joanna!

That's where Cher and Nick Cage goes to in Moonstruck, check it out:

We stayed at Hotel 17, a hotel where Woody Allen shot Manhattan Murder Mystery.

This is how it looks inside:

Murder mystery?

And our lovely view (hah):

Here me and Joey are ready for the cold venture into the city:

I've always been fond of NYC...not just because of all the variety of talents that cluster there, but because so many comic books are set in NYC. I've got to say though...What a busy place! Even harder to cab than Seattle. Not a city I could live in without feeling frazzled. We mostly cabbed around dodging the cold and rain and ate and drank a lot. My favorite place was PEELS. They had delicious food and drinks. My favorite meal was the fresh fried chicken with honey dip...So good! I will go to PEELS every time I visit.

Saturday morning, I got to meet my agent for brunch. Although it was my first time meeting her in person, I felt like I've known her for a long time. She was just as sweet and fun as she is on the phone and email. I was really, really excited to hang out with her and we had a wonderful time chatting. After, she took us to the xmas craft fair nearby. Joanna -- I'll have to swing by that chocolate pizza place you told me about next visit!

Here's Joanna -- she's so cute!!!:

At night, it was time for the opera! Joey and I got dressed up and went. The MET was beautiful with scarlet balconies and golden lights.

The opera was tear inducing, especially that scene in the snow. (The whole scenery was elaborate throughout.) It's a very simple story and contains the core duality of joy and anguish that comes with love that I think anybody can relate to and that's probably why it's a popular opera.

Me by the MET fountain:

After the opera, we went out for a late night pizza. The next day, we were pretty tired and then at night, it was time to fly back to the quiet city of Seattle.



  1. What a great trip. Joanna is my agent, too! But I have never met her in person. Hopefully some day I will.

    Thanks for sharing a glimpse into your adventure.


  2. Awesome pics, lol'd at the 'murder mystery?' one.

    I got to meet Jo when I visited NYC last year and you are not kidding, she really is so amazing and sweet and funny. I mean, look at those bad ass purple tights!!!

  3. Storyqueen -- High-five! I hope you get to meet her! She is fantastic. Thanks for stopping by.

    Amy -- Yes, she is! I loved her outfit.

  4. Omg, I forgot about that first pic, hahaha.
    You and Joey look hot at the opera!!

    I had a great time hanging out, too :-)

  5. Joanna -- I love your pic with the pose! Thanks again for brunch!

  6. I'm going to see Iphigenie from the Met, beamed into a theater in Redmond. Are the red and gold colors you described a permanent part of the opera house, or were they just for La Boheme?

  7. Very nice, Mark! Hope you enjoy. I've never seen Iphigenie. Yes, the red and gold were part of the house. Very beautiful building.


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