Year in Review: 2013

Good-bye 2013! It's been a roller coaster year. This year I spent a lot of time setting down the stepping stones for myself.

This year I:

 --Career: Changed jobs. I left Valve after 8 years and worked on about five games. Highlights: making Portal and Portal 2.

 --Joy: My boyfriend proposed to me in the Cascades!

 --Travel: I went to England to research, driving 1000 miles.

 --Tragedy: Two weeks before my novel release, tragedy struck my family. Someone very close to me nearly died. The person is recovered now and it's reminder to me to always be thankful.

 --Debut: I spent most of the debut month in the hospital due to the tragedy. Despite the challenge, I released CLAN--a healthy debut with a nice review from Kirkus, over 1000 copies sold, and making it on Amazon's best seller list for Young Adult Sci-Fi eBooks. Nearly all of the royalties were given to charity this year. Thank you, everyone--your support meant the world to me.

To close the year, today I have sent off CLAN's December royalties to the Cancer Research Institute.

CLAN is no longer my book, but yours. Dear readers, if you've read the book and enjoyed it, please do consider taking the time to review it and to share it with your friends. 

Whether you've followed me for my video games, art, or my novel, I hope you'll stay tuned for more of my creations. There is more to come and I'm excited to have begun this journey.




  1. Oh, my gosh! I had no clue so much has happened to you recently! You really put on a brave public face. I hope you're taking time right now to recover. I hope you know I would be happy to help when you need it. :)

    Hearing you switched jobs was a big surprise. I can't wait to see what you'll be doing next. I'm guessing S343 is a very different company.

    BTW--It looks like I'll be making another road trip soon to take care of an injured family member (broke her ankle a few days ago and can't move around well enough to do everything for herself for a few weeks), so I might be slow to reply to any messages you send. But I will do my best to check in online every few days. :) The Kindle is going to be super-handy!

    Please take care of yourself, and Happy New Year!


    1. Thank you for visiting the blog and for your kind words! I hope your family is ok!

      Happy New Year,



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