News Week - 12/02/13 - Free eBook

Heads up! CLAN eBook is free today!

  --Last week, CLAN was on Kotaku--my favorite gaming news site. Thank you for sharing CLAN, Kotaku

  --Yesterday I donated all of my earned royalties for CLAN to Holiday Stockings for Homeless Children. Big thanks to everyone who purchased a copy of CLAN. Also my friend Beth Lopez is doing a fundraiser for Dunlap Elementary School's homeless families. If you are interested in donating, please contact me and I'll forward you Beth's email.  

  --Today is Cyber Monday! That means today CLAN eBook is... free! Take it!

  --If you miss the free eBook today, you have the option to get the eBook for free after your paperback purchase. You can gift one or the other, or both! 

  --Book Reviews: I hope you'll check out Candace's review form and sign up to review CLAN! It comes with a giveaway raffle that you can include in your review (between December and January).

  --Tuesday: it's the last of the Intro Blog Tour! The awesome author Gretchen McNeil is interviewing me on my writing process!

  --Wednesday: I am revealing the final Five Values of Clan! Plus it will be last call for the CLAN merch raffle! The raffle ends on Friday.

Thank you,



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