CLAN - Five Values of Clan

Did you enjoy the Intro Blog Tour for CLAN? Each of my author friends revealed an illustration of the Five Values of Clan that I drew. I am now revealing the final illustration!

Unity. Above all else, Clans value the concept of Unity.

" Clan, we rely on each other. We’re cogs operating the machinery of our civilization. What another does reflects everyone else. We, individually, represent the whole at all times; we are cells in one body. This is why you trust the Clan next to you without having to know anything about him.
--Luge, from CLAN    

The other Values:

What do you think? Did you like the artwork? Got a favorite? You can win all five of the illustrations in postcard form plus more prizes.

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  1. I love them all, but CLEANLINESS I enjoy the most!! :)

    - Angie

  2. So creative. The posters brought life to the "5 Values". Couldn't have envisioned any better!

    - RG


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