HENGE - Blog Tour Recap Pt. 2

Good news! The HENGE paperback should be available through Amazon around tomorrow (if not, within the week)! 2nd week of HENGE release went well with a lot of new reviews coming in. Here are some highlights from reviews:

"The magic. The backstory. The characters. The writing. It’s all a perfect combination for a brilliant story and I really cannot recommend this more highly. I loved this book. Read it!"

"This book was full of legend and magic, twisted and retold in a modern setting. I loved every moment of it and cannot wait to read the sequel and see what Lovejoy is going to do with Mr Ambrosius, Ms Le Fay, and Camelot!"

"It’s one of a few books that I could easily see being made into a popular movie or TV show. The characters are compelling and the story is unique."

"Lovejoy did a wonderful job of reviving the story of Arthur Pendragon and company with new life, and I love that she augmented the story by including characters found in legends from the same Medieval time period, like that of Tristan and Isolde.  It could not have been easy to adapt this ancient story to fit so well in a modern setting, but Lovejoy makes this transition seem effortless."

"I grew to love Morgan as the story progressed. As the misunderstood student, she reminded me a bit of Elphaba from Wicked."

Screenshot from Alice Marvels's site who hosted a guest post from me:

Here are guest posts and interviews in case you missed them!
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Interview: Curling Up with a Good Book interviews me on HENGE
Excerpt: Lancelot speaks with Morgan about a fire crime

The annual Thanksgiving charity begins tomorrow so stay tuned! On Black Friday, a sale for CLAN will begin.

This week a new tour starts with Bewitched! Schedule is below:

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