HENGE - Happy Book Release Day!

HENGE eBook is out! I hope you'll love the world and characters as much as I do. I started this series in fall of 2011 and I'm so excited for Morgan le Fay's journey. Thank you everyone for supporting me! I appreciate all your comments, sharing of links, and the book reviews. You guys are now the ones who will be bringing life to the world of Le Fay. If you enjoy the book, please do share the information with others. It's the only way for a book to thrive and I appreciate any help! As I mentioned, the paperback will be coming out within a couple weeks so if you're interested in the paperback please check back to see the status. (It takes a little longer to format because it contains illustrations drawn by me.)

Follow this link to buy HENGE!

I'm cracking open this very special bottle of mead from Avebury that I got from the UK during my travels:

The honeybees of Avebury (the largest stone circle in Europe) created the honey for this mead. Both Avebury and Stonehenge took part in inspiring the Henge in the Le Fay Series so my fiance and I thought it'd be appropriate to save this bottle for the HENGE release. 

Here's some music that reminds me of HENGE. Party on:

Cheers everyone!



  1. Congratulations, Realm! ^_^

    I've got my e-book, now it's just queuing up some music and sitting down to read! I loved Clan, and I loved the teaser preview you shared, so I'm sure it's going to be a fun time.

    Good luck with the release! <3


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