CLAN - Audiobook Cover Reveal!

Creating the cover for the CLAN audiobook gave me a chance to revisit and upgrade the cover. I love the original simplistic cover and wanted to keep the spirit of it. I also wanted something that conveyed more of the mature tones and thriller-esque aspect of CLAN while making it eye-catching. I came up with this new version and I hope you guys like it!

If you've read the Le Fay series but not CLAN, you may want to check it out. Although it's sci-fi and a totally different story, I maintain a similar style of storytelling.

Here's the audiobook cover:

Paperback and eBook cover:

What do you guys think? The paperback and ebook will also reflect the new design. New covers will pop up on Amazon soon, so if you want the old version for your collection, grab it while you can!



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