Happy 2017!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! It's somehow hard to believe it's 2017. Though it's an unpopular year, 2016 was actually a pretty good year for me--probably the best year in the past five years. 

Here's Elaine (from GRAIL) celebrating with a grail full of sparkly:

What can you expect from me this year?

--A new book on submission
--Picture Book going into production
--GRAIL paperback
--CLAN audio book
--HENGE audio book
--New book cover for CLAN
--New Novel to be drafted

Year in Review:

--Worked on virtual reality at Oculus. Futuristic stuff!
--Brought three silkies into our coop. They are the sweetest and at least one of them is laying an egg daily, even during winter!
--Brought a white German Shepherd that we named Kiba into our home! She brings a large amount of joy into our lives.   
--I am now an Art Director at an awesome and innovative indie company. Hurray! 
--Published my 4th novel, GRAIL!
--Halfway through my 5th novel--the last book in the Le Fay series. It's bittersweet to begin wrapping up this series. 
--Started audiobook productions.
--Completed my 6th novel, which will be sent to my agent this week. I'm extremely excited about this book.
--Completed a picture book.
--I've gone to yoga at least once a week for a whole year! It has now become an important part of my health for both mind and body. 

New Year Resolutions:

--Bringing more sense of wonder, joy, and lightness into my life.
--Being more community-driven with my creative work and be able to give more.
--Health: yoga, taking breaks, walks, waking early.
--Publishing the last Le Fay book. 
--Draft a new novel.
--Read more books.

How was your New Year?

Here's a photo from NYE. We went to the Gatsby Gangster Ball:

This is a photo of the first sunrise with Kiba!

Hope you all had a great NYE and New Year's Day! Thank you for supporting my projects this year. I hope you all enjoy the new books coming out.



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