CLAN - Audiobook Release Date

I will be promoting CLAN for the next 4 weeks and the Le Fay series updates will resume again after. The reason for this is... CLAN audiobook is finally coming! I am so excited and the narrator Jeff Hays is absolutely perfect for the story. I hope you'll agree! 

I am not entirely sure when it'll pop up in stores. According to ACX, it should publish within 14 days, so I set the release date accordingly to reflect the 14 day mark. I will of course let everyone know if it comes out earlier.   

To celebrate, I took the opportunity to re-design the book cover. Stay tuned for the cover reveal this Thursday! 

Planned posts: On my Instagram/Tumbler/Twitter, I will be sharing an illustration or photo related to CLAN daily (weekdays). I will also share the best of my sci-fi days plus the best of CLAN. I aim to produce a preview on YouTube with a sample of the audiobook. Also, I interviewed the narrator Jeff Hays and will share some behind the scenes details on his work. If you guys have suggestions for anything else you'd like to see during this time, let me know! This is a good chance to get anything CLAN-related!

CLAN is a story about resisting oppression--I think it's a perfect time for us to read these kinds of stories and get inspired.

Stay tuned for the cover reveal this Thursday!



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