SPEAR - First Chapter Excerpt Preview

I selected a portion of the first chapter of SPEAR (Le Fay series 4) to share with you all. I hope you enjoy it and that you'll read the rest when the book comes out 12/12 Tuesday on Amazon!

Now for the first time, I feel centered and ready to live the life I’m meant to—and that’s using magic for what I believe in.
I walk to the cafĂ© car. I’m wearing sunglasses to hide my identity, the collar of my coat pulled up to shield me further. Yet passengers are glancing at me and whispering, eyes wide with wonder.
Approaching the counter, I search my pockets for coins to buy a cup of coffee. An elderly woman steps forward and puts a few pounds down onto the counter. “I will buy your drink, dearie,” she says.
I blink with surprise. “Thank you.”
“I should thank you. You’re the savior of King Arthur.”
She pats my arm as she walks away. I marvel at her words, still not used to being considered a hero. I’ve spent a long time being a villain, after all.
Above the counter, the TV plays news of Camelot, posting photos of Merlin and Arthur. My heart quickens its number of beats at the sight of Merlin. I turn and walk back to my seat on the train.
The intercom chimes with an announcement: “There’s been an accident on the tracks of Camelot Station. We apologize for the inconvenience but ask passengers headed for Camelot to disembark at Logres Station instead.”
I scowl at the news. I’ll have to grab a taxi to get into Camelot, and I don’t have enough cash to make it there. All I have is twenty pounds, and it could easily cost double that. I’ll need someone from Camelot to pick me up—someone who owns a car. Merlin has one, but I definitely don’t want to call him. Our friendship is still in a questionable state, and at this point I’m not sure that we’ll ever repair it.
I pull my cell phone out of my coat pocket and search my contact list for the first number that comes up that’s not Merlin’s.


The train stops in front of Logres Station. I get out and stand for a moment on the platform. Through the crowd of coats, I look around awkwardly, feeling like a lost child. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a place that was so bustling with people. I feel small and out of place. The rain begins to fall, and drops slip through the collar of my coat. I shiver as I pull my luggage and walk past newsstands, hoping to catch sight of a knight in uniform—surely that’d be easy to spot. Maybe it’s because of the cold or being lost, but I begin to think that returning to Camelot was a mistake.
“Hey, you looked right past me,” a voice says from behind.
I whirl around.
Lancelot stands there, holding an umbrella over me.

Hope you liked the sample! I'll share artwork and music on Monday!



  1. Can't wait till the book comes out! Loved this little excerpt, made me even more excited :)

    xoxo- Florentine @ Readiculously Peachy


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