Year in Review - 2017

I hope everyone had a happy holiday! I spent time with my family and made dinner: rosemary roasted lamb, minted peas, cumin-spiced potatoes, with pistachio-pear baklava for dessert. We had a rare White Christmas in Seattle! 

Our dog Kiba and our chickens enjoying the snowy morning. I love being with my animal family:

The dinner I made:

Me and my sister-in-law:

After Christmas was done, my husband and I went out to celebrate SPEAR and the end of the LE FAY series. I had no idea what restaurant to go to but randomly happened on a restaurant called Shake + Spear that served seafood and that seemed perfect! I had wonderful charred octopus and rockfish and shrimp dish. Yum!

Wore the pearl necklace my husband got me for Christmas to the dinner:

I will submit the SPEAR paperback and then I'm done wrapping up 2017. Personally, 2017 was better than I anticipated. I had no idea I would write 5 new novels and direct a short film... What a nice surprise! This year I felt more energetic, creative, clear, and stronger than any other year.

Events of 2017:
-5 new novels drafted that I love
-Directed my first short film
-Published SPEAR (Le Fay series 4), the last of the quartet
-Went to Japan, got to show my husband my other home, and he met my father
-Continued work as an Art Director for a company I love and looking forward to the new year with my team
-Got to see my brother Casper's first violin recital and I'm so proud of him
-My grandfather passed away as noted in the Dedication section in SPEAR -- I am thankful to have had him as my grandfather and that he will continue to inspire me

I'm very thankful for my family, the year, life on Earth, and the storytelling part of my brain that gifted me so many new novels. I'm thankful for all of my readers.

There's a super moon on New Year's Day so I hope you'll do something special!

With Deep Gratitude,



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