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Anyone cooking for the holiday week? Today I am sharing some recipes I used for the Henge (my YA fantasy novel) release party that I think will be perfect for the holidays. Do you remember the scones Morgan's father made? Did you know Tintagel, where Morgan is from, is known for delicious pasties and scones? Try making some recipes from Morgan's town! 

Currant Marmalade Scones
Use a scone mix (I used Garvey's Organic Traditional Scone Mix)
Add 1/2 cup soaked currants
1 tablespoon of marmalade

Blackberry Lavender Scones
Use a scone mix (I used Garvey's Organic Traditional Scone Mix)
Add 1/2 cup chopped blackberries
1 tablespoon lavender sugar (I used lavender sugar from Cafe Primrose)

Mead Cake (I used this recipe--substitute winter fruits like pear to make it more of a winter solstice cake)

Cornish Pasties (I used this recipe)
Pasties are great for the winter because it uses winter vegetables! And super easy to eat--a great way to feed lots of people on holiday.

Pics of scones and pasties we had in Tintagel:

I know I'll be making more scones for Christmas. 

Also if you are doing some last minute Christmas shopping, I posted some Henge-inspired gift ideas on my Tumblr! 

Happy cooking!



  1. Those scone recipes look delicious! Thanks for sharing them - I think they'd make a fantastic New Year's brunch! ^_^

    1. You're welcome! I hope you'll like 'em. The scones tasted great when I tried the recipes out. Thank you for visiting and Happy Holidays to you, Jenn!

  2. I want to try all of these!

    If you'd like to make scones from scratch, I have a super-tasty customizable lemon scone recipe I got from an English expat who used to run a teashop near my old hometown. She preferred to make her scones more light and cake-like, and a lot of Brits who came to her shop would beg her for the recipe. I'm not a Brit, but after eating them once, I dreamed of those scones for nearly ten years before she finally decided to share her recipes after she retired. :D They're very easy to make, too.

    What type of mead do you prefer for the cake recipe? I haven't tried mead yet because it's still hard to find around here. Hmm...I wonder if persimmons would make a good fruit for the cake. I always think of them when I think of winter!


    1. Oo, that sounds tasty! Yes, I'd love to try making scones from scratch!

      I used honey mead for the cake. Yeah, I'm sure persimmons would taste great!

      Hope you have a happy holiday and thank you for visiting!

    2. Whoops, got so busy with holiday things I missed out on replies. I'll type up and email you the scone recipe. :) You can leave out the lemon and add just about any flavourings you want. And, oops, I wasn't specific enough with my mead question, sorry! Is there a particular brand of mead you prefer? I know my old Ren faire friends were VERY particular about their mead, but I wouldn't know good mead from bad, not having tried it.

    3. Thank you!

      Hmm, I'm not too familiar with mead brands. I got mine from Avebury in the UK and it was tasty--I tried to look for it on the web but couldn't find it. It had a kind of apple taste and not too sweet. I got one from the local store here which wasn't as good--it was kind of watery tasting.


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