Holiday Vacation Goals

Woohoo! It's winter vacation! (Don't forget the holiday sale for Henge ends tomorrow at midnight! Get your copy.) I plan on drinking eggnog, sitting by the fire, catching up on reading and watching shows, and chilling. But most importantly, a break is the biggest opportunity I have to catch up on my author work!

Priority number one:

Finishing the 2nd draft of the next book--yes, the 2nd book in the Le Fay Series after Henge! (I completed the first draft in 2011.) I'm so so excited for this one. As a writer, I consider this one to be my best work. I'm going all out on this one. It will be out next year!   

Other priorities:

Making the book trailer for Henge.

Selling other rights for Clan and Henge: TV, movie, graphic novels. I plan on getting as far as possible on the scripts and graphic novel proposals. Whether you'll ever see these or not will depend on if the scripts or proposals sell. The important thing for me is that I have these things circulating so that there is a chance.

Completing a brand new graphic novel proposal. This will be sent to my agent.

Other things I will naturally get done (I draw every morning):

Artwork for Le Fay 2.

It's an ambitious schedule. I'm setting up 2015 so that there are various things circulating. Other than these projects, of course I will continue working on Henge promotions and hope you'll enjoy the posts I have planned.

Wish me luck this vacation!



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