HENGE - Blog Tour Recap pt. 14

Before I begin the recap, I'd like to take a moment to remember Leonard Nimoy. A wonderful human being and an icon in sci-fi. The inspiration he gave us lives on. He played my favorite character in Star Trek and the depth he added to his character will forever inspire me.

Remembering his words, I am doing my best to live in the moment. So far my year has been busy but full of energy. I'm in work-hard mode and I'm getting ready to reveal the title of my next book to you. In the meantime, check out these humbling reviews of HENGE!

"...I knew this would be hands down a solid 5 for me. Realm Lovejoy is now one of my top authors, she is a phenomenal story teller!"

"To put it simply, I loved this retelling; it had all of my favourite characters, and it wasn't just spitting them out and generating them in just another setting. It was re-birthing them..."

"If I type his name more, maybe he'll show up. Because I'd like that. Merlin. Okay, fine, it won't work. But Merlin is seriously awesome."

"The suspense in this novel builds from chapter to chapter, with new twists and turns to keep the pages turning. In some ways it reminded me of the Harry Potter books, especially at the beginning when Morgan was leaving for the magic academy."

Hope you read HENGE! Coming up next, photos from Morgan le Fay's hometown, Tintagel!



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